Welcome to Replicate Retina

Data Backup for Opticians and Optometrists

Replicate Retina is a specialist data backup solution for optometrists and opticians.  You can trust Replicate Retina to back up ALL your practice data, no matter what systems you use.....

Easy to Use, Easy to Restore

Replicate Retina backs up your practice data automatically every day at a time chosen by you.  That means you don’t need to remember or rely on your staff to do it.

All Practice Data Protected

Replicate Retina protects all sensitive patient information from retina imaging software systems such as Eyecap, Topcon, Opticabase, Navis Lite, Henson visual field analysis,  Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Ocular Surface Analyser (OSA) scans as well as all other commercial practice information.

Comply with Clinical Governance

You need good records to respond to complaints and negligence claims.  You also need to store data securely to avoid data losses and financial penalties.  NHS audit requirements, Data Protection & GDPR legislation all need to be considered.  Replicate Retina fits the bill.