Avoid cyber security threats

There has been much talk over the past week about increased cyber security threats – but there is also a general misconception that this is only directed at big organisations and governments.  Wrong!


Criminals are targeting everyone by infecting their equipment with Trojans, spyware and very nasty ransomware infections (the bug encrypts the PC/laptop etc so nothing is legible and they then ask for large sums of money to enable you to read your own data again.)  No-one is immune so that means everyone needs to ensure that computers are up to date as far as patches/upgrades are concerned – as well as backing up your data as a basic commonsense line of defence.


Only last week, one of our customers contacted us to ask if we could assist in restoring data because they had been the target of a ransomware attack.  Unfortunately, some time ago they had decided NOT to use our data backup system for that particular data set, saying this would be backed up manually in-house.  We did explain that this relies on staff to remember to do it – and human beings aren’t the most reliable things – but that was the decision they made.  So whilst we can assist in restoring some of their data, we can’t get back the data that’s most critical to their business because we never backed it up in the first place.


No matter what the device – PC, laptop, tablet, etc – and no matter how large or small your organisation is – do keep systems patched and up to date and make sure you use a reliable data backup system on a daily basis.


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