Avoid Losing Patient Records with Replicate Retina

Avoid losing patient records with Replicate Retina.  It’s a situation to be avoided at all costs – you simply cannot afford to lose your confidential patient records.  Clinical negligence claims and GDPR legislation are both threats against your business if you don’t handle customer data correctly.


But it’s so easy for things to go wrong.  Fire, flood, power failure, computer crash – they are all reasons we have been asked to help our clients who have chosen our specialist Replicate Retina data backup service.   Episodes like this always come out of the blue but we have helped our clients restore their data quickly so they can continue looking after their patients and carry on with business as usual.


Concerned that your data backup procedures could be improved but don’t know where to start?  Avoid losing patient records with Replicate Retina.  See what just some of our satisfied optician customers have to say in our Success Stories.


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