Data Backup – An Essential Safeguard

We know that optoms have a great deal of responsibility when undertaking eye examinations – and you frequently spot medical conditions that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.


But, on the other side of the coin, if a customer complains that you have missed something, you definitely need copies of your records to show that the condition didn’t exist when your previous examinations were undertaken.


Replicate Retina off site data backup has been created specifically to assist optoms with their record keeping and complies with NHS clinical guidelines.  There have been several instances where our optom clients have suffered computer failure, lightning strike, floods, etc and their essential patient records have been lost.  Fortunately, because they use our data backup service, we hae been able to restore their patient information for them quickly and efficiently – in one case, restoring a quarter of a million patient images.


Safeguard your practice and your reputation.  Contact us to find out more.