Data backup for Opticabase

We are delighted that Michael Prais has endorsed our Replicate Retina data backup for Opticabase systems and is introducing us to his customers.


Opticabase is the first software to fully integrate with NHS England’s eGOS system to simplify the submission of NHS forms to PCSE.  To quote just one of Opticabase’s users: “Since April, everyone is enjoying the improved speed of completing GOS forms and the reduced workload needed to submit and audit claims.  Opticabase has made this an easy process to adopt.”


We have already welcomed several Opticabase customers on board.  If your practice needs help backing up and protecting your patient and practice data then please do speak to us.  Call us on 0161 366 8499 to ask about data backup for Opticabase or get in touch.


Want to learn more about Replicate Retina?  Take a look at our What Is It? page.