Data Compression = Good News

Thinking about off site data backup for your practice?  Then two fairly ‘techie’ things to consider are deduplication and compression.


Deduplication – it stands to reason that you don’t want to back up exactly the same practice or patient information twice because that takes up more backup space.


Compression – this is also important because the more we can ‘squash’ your data, then the less space it takes up and the faster it transfers to our data backup servers.


For example, we’ve backed up a 17Gb Exchange database which compressed to less than 400Mb and took only half an hour to backup from start to finish.  Subsequent backups will then be done in minutes because the software sees what changes have been made and only backs up those – it doesn’t take everything from scratch again.


So why is this good news for you?  Deduplicated and compressed data takes up less space – so costs you less as well.  And that means backing up your patient and practice data will be less expensive than you think!


So please get in touch to discuss how we can help your practice.

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