Data Hungry Imaging Systems – Replicate Retina Minimises Backup Costs

Optos scanning solutions, Topcon OCT systems, etc give optical professionals state of the art diagnosis tools, which is great news for their customers’ eyecare.  But these systems do pose a data backup and storage problem as they are VERY data hungry; each imaging session creates up to 50 times more data than previous systems.


Our development team has worked closely with both Topcon and Optos technicians.  Together we have created routines that minimise the impact (and cost) of crucial off site data backup of these fantastic technologies, whilst still ensuring every image and related patient information is safely backed up and / or archived – all in a GDPR and NHS governance compliant manner.


The Replicate Retina team is the number one data backup specialist in the eyecare industry.  We are endorsed by the UK’s leading optometry experts and have a 100% success record in recovering patient/imaging data and full system recovery, even in the event of a complete PC/server crash and site disasters such as flood and fire!


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