Don’t Let Data Loss Compound COVID19 Worries

In these strange and troubling times, don’t let practice data loss compound COVID19 worries.  Of course the number one priority is staying safe, social distancing and helping our amazing NHS and frontline teams as much as possible – but we all need to protect our businesses and livelihoods too.


Whilst optician practices are mostly closed down right now, our Replicate Retina data backup customers can rest assured that their critical practice and patient data continues to be safely stored in an NHS compliant and encrypted manner throughout this global crisis.  Your data – retinal scans, OCT, practice management and general files and folders – is critical to resuming business as normal once this virus is beaten.


The last thing you need is to have a PC fail or crash during these unprecedented times – compounding the current turmoil.  Just today one of our customers contacted us to tell us his main PC has indeed suffered a critical disk error – resulting in a replacement device being ordered.  As soon as the device is delivered, we will quickly download all the data we have stored from the last time the PC was active and switched on, ensuring business continuity for him.


Want to know more about how we help our optician customers?  Take a look at What We Do to find out how we help your practice.


Don’t let data loss compound COVID9 worries.  So for now – stay safe, stay distanced and trust us to keep your practice and patient data safe and secure with Replicate Retina.