Fast Facts

Replicate Retina at a glance:

Backup any type of data - including Eyecap, Topcon, Opticabase, Birmingham Optical, Optos, NAVIS lite, NHS Vector images, Henson visual field analysis, OSA and OCT scans; plus patient details, booking systems, documents, emails and financials;

Secure - data is military grade encrypted and password protected.  It fully complies with GDPR legislation and the UK Data Protection Act.  No-one can access your data without your password (including us);

Automated - backs up data at a time chosen by you, every day, so no need to remember or rely on your staff;

UK based backup - all data is stored in UK data centres so that means your data is backed up then backed up again for additional security.  It also means we comply with stringent clinical NHS audit guidelines, the UK Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR);

UK based customer support - friendly, professional UK based support via email and telephone.  It's what we do day in, day out so you can trust you are dealing with data backup experts;

Easy to use - just point and click at what you want to back up;

Easy to restore - just point and click at what you want to restore;

Version control - need to restore an image or document from 2 days ago?  14 days ago?  No problem.  And we keep all data for 28 extra days after you have deleted it from your computer.  That means if you accidentally delete something, you have a month to get in touch with us!  We can keep your deleted data for longer than this of course - please just ask us.

Fast backup - that's because once we've got all your data backed up, we only take the daily changes so it works quickly;

Non-intrusive - so you can carry on working whilst your data backs up in the background;

We do everything for you - set up, alert monitoring and remote support are included.  We take away the need for the most unreliable part of any backup routine - HUMAN BEINGS!

Simple, cost effective monthly subscription price plan - with nothing to pay up front;

Disaster recovery - lost all your data?  Too much to restore over your broadband connection?  If necessary we can quickly deliver your complete data back on disk device via courier (additional charge applies).

We know you need to keep good records to deal with customer complaints and protect against clinical negligence claims.  Replicate Retina can help you to do just that.

Contact our friendly team to find out more.