Fundus images disappeared?

What would you do if your fundus images disappeared?  Not all of them – just some of them.  Which is stranger than a strange thing.  Could be they’ve been accidentally deleted or possibly not saved correctly.  You’re sure you’ve got them backed up but when you check, they are not there.


So what would you do?  One of our clients was in a similar situation and rang us immediately.  As a rule, we tend to keep optometrist’s data for 14 days after you have deleted it from your server or laptop; we can keep it longer of course but that is up to you.  Fortunately for our client, he noticed the errors 13 days after the images had disappeared – so we immediately extended the retention period to be on the safe side and grabbed them back for him.  These are now safely stored with us, waiting for him to tell us which images are missing.


Prompt, personal service – it’s just what we do.  How do your suppliers measure up?

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