Has your practice been subject to a ransomware attack?

Ransomware attacks are becoming a BIG problem – and if your practice data has been randomly selected for attack then your data is held to ransom until you pay the attackers.  And that can be any amount they choose, running into thousands of ££££s.

But we can help.  If we back up your data, then we can safely restore it to you as well.  Obviously your IT team or suppliers will need to get rid of the ransomware virus, but we can then get your data back to you – and that will be a version before the infection occurred.

You will be dealing with our experienced team of real human beings, not automated telephone systems or web portals.  So that’s a double whammy benefit of using Replicate Retina offsite data backup.

Why not give us a try?  Please give us a call or get in touch.