Boots Opticians Bramhall

Boots Opticians see the benefits of data backup from 24/7 Uptime

Opticians are subject to clinical governance, including compliance with the Data Protection Act. This is because they hold personal client information, including retina images taken for diabetic eye screening purposes.  Our retinas are unique to us so it is essential that all data is securely stored.

George Mumford is an optometrist who runs two very busy Boots Opticians franchises in Hyde and Bramhall, Cheshire. George uses Replicate Retina, the specialist offsite data backup solution for ophthalmic opticians and optometrists, to protect his valuable patient data.  This includes backing up retina images taken using the Eyecap software system.  George has more than 28,000 Boots Optician patient records that need to be stored securely and, of course, he needs historical access to retinal scans to monitor changes.

The backup service was demonstrated and installed at Boots Opticians in Hyde in less than an hour. Boots Opticians Bramhall came on board two weeks later in October 2010. George confirms:

“It’s straightforward and simple to use; much easier and more cost effective than I thought it would be. Using Replicate Retina offsite data backup solution from 24/7 Uptime is an absolute no brainer. It ensures we comply with regulations and protects our patient records.”