Brignalls Opticians

“We like what Replicate Retina does for us very much”

Brignall Opticians is based in Chippenham, Wiltshire and is run by optometrists Keith and Claire Pearce.  We first met Keith and Claire when we attended the AIO event in Windsor in February 2014.  Their key question was “could we back up data from several computers at different sites?” – and our answer was yes, of course.

We provided a demonstration and trial first of all and then Claire asked us to go ahead.  We now protect their Topcon OCT and Preston front of house booking systems, as well as Sage accounts and general documents.

When we attended the AIO Annual Conference in Oxford in October, Keith volunteered to speak to new contacts personally, to talk about what we do and how we help protect their practice information.  That was an incredibly generous offer because, as AIO Council Members, both Keith and Claire were the conference organisers for that particular event and so were very busy anyway.

Keith explains:

“The data that we store is both personal and complex; we need instant access to it every minute of our working day.  Replicate Retina gives us the security of knowing that, should our systems be compromised through using the internet (which has happened previously) or should there be some physical catastrophe, then our data will be safe without having to go through a backup procedure every day, remembering to take a copy off site and then remembering to bring it back to the practice to be updated.  We need do nothing and we are completely safe.  We like what Replicate Retina does for us very much.”