Kay Downs Opticians

Kay Downs Opticians Enjoy “Fantastic Backup & Brilliant Service”

An impromptu visit to Kay Downs Opticians in January 2012 was the start of a great working relationship – practice owner, Andrea Kay, had heard about our Replicate Retina offsite data backup from a fellow optician, so asked us to install the solution in her practice, there and then.

Replicate Retina backs up and protects her Eyecap retina images; she takes approximately 30 patient retina scans per week and it’s essential the practice complies with clinical governance and keeps the data safe.

Andrea explains:

“As a busy businesswoman there is always so much to do – so something that does its job as simply as this data backup does is fantastic.  It means I don’t need to think or worry about it, so that’s great.  I look at the daily automated notifications so can see everything is working perfectly but, other than that, know everything is taken care of when I go home at the end of the day.

“The Replicate Retina team provide brilliant service – I’m really happy with them.  They were very pleasant and knowledgeable when they called in; the data backup installation was done and dusted on the same day and the costs are very reasonable.  It’s real peace of mind that allows me to sleep easy at night.”