Muldoon & Tonge

“Over and above my expectations of a backup service provider”

Muldoon & Tonge is a privately owned Tameside based optician practice that provides a full range of services including diabetic retinopathy screening and occupational & safety eyecare services.  Owner and dispensing optician John Bowers has always understood the need to protect his sensitive patient data so has been using our Replicate Retina off site data backup service since 2012.  Since initial set up we have backed up more than 175,000 patient images and protect his critical systems such as his front of house practice management system.  Muldoon & Tonge is already GDPR compliant as far as protection of patient records are concerned.


In July 2017 a neighbouring optician practice was closing due to retirement.  After reaching agreement, Muldoon & Tonge took over the client base (and of course related patient records).  The Replicate Retina team consulted and provided assistance during the practice merger, easing the process both for John and the retiring optician.  John commented:


“The Replicate Retina solution does exactly what it needs to do, backing up my records and images every day.  The team proactively look after things and resolve any behind the scenes issues, letting me know they have been resolved often before I realise anything needs doing!  It’s a great solution and service but the team went over and above my expectations of a backup service provider when I took on board thousands of new patient records and system images.  They sat down with both the retiring optician and myself, gaining a thorough understanding of the technical requirements and assisting in a smooth merge of the various optical systems involved.  They also worked with the supplier of the optical systems to achieve this.  Furthermore, the retiring optician was worried about audit trails of patient records after he had retired, so the Replicate Retina team worked with him to create a disk based archive of all information at the point of practice closure.

“That’s a terrific service over and above both our expectations.  I know I speak for my retired optician friend as well – we both thoroughly recommend Replicate Retina as a proactive team of technical experts and data backup provider.  We know about eyes, not computers, so they make that part of our audit obligations so much easier.”