Wheeldon Opticians

Replicate Retina takes human error out of the equation

Wheeldon Opticians has practices in Cheadle, Wilmslow and West Didsbury.  A family business with a long heritage, the first practice was established in 1986.

Practice owner, James Wheeldon, explains why he chose Replicate Retina off site data backup solution.

“The Cheadle practice in particular does a large amount of retinal photography and we previously used old-fashioned backup methods; getting staff to remember to back up isn’t easy, especially if one person is responsible for this and they are then away on holidays, etc.

“Because it’s important to us to comply with clinical governance and various PCT requirements, we wanted to ensure we had a more organised approach to protecting our Eyecap retinal image data.  With Replicate Retina, the data backup is now done without us having to do anything.  It takes human error out of the equation and we know that our vital data is taken care of.”

Colin Wilson at the Cheadle branch confirms:

“I receive a daily email notification telling me that the data backup has been successful.  As long as I see that, then I know everything is fine.”