Protect your Business; Protect your Data


We attended a conference in London this week and were reminded of the increasing need to protect our devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc) as we do more and more online.


The excellent panel of speakers highlighted some alarming facts:

  • The average cost of a single data breach to large organisations is USD4 million;
  • Between June and November 2016, more than 1 billion ‘ransonware’ attacks took place (malicious attacks that encrypt your data and then charge you a ransom to decrypt it);
  • Attacks are predominantly from BOTs rather than human beings – and they have most success with devices that aren’t up to date as far as system updates and patches are concerned;
  • The most vulnerable devices are where the username and password have never been changed from the default settings – ie, still likely to be the word ‘password’!;
  • In a single study, 6 PCs were connected to the internet without any security applied.  Immediately, the devices were attacked thousands of times, with one successfully penetrating their systems within 4 minutes!

Data backup is our specialism but our general IT advice is as follows:


  • Change your router username and password to something different and memorable;
  • Keep all your devices up to date with security patches and system upgrades;
  • Install good anti-virus and firewall protection;
  • And of course, your number one line of defence – install a secure, reliable offsite data backup solution (we can heartily recommend Replicate Retina of course……);

The bad guys can and do get through – but only cause minimal damage to your business if you can quickly and easily restore your data back to how it was before they got to you.

Want to see how Replicate Retina works on a ‘try before you buy’ basis?  We offer a 30 day free trial – please give us a call or get in touch.