Protect Your Patient Data; Protect Your Practice

Where does the time go?  Only 2 months until the end of 2017 and we are all making plans for 2018.  But how many optical practices are confident that they will operate trouble free – even until the end of December?


There is a huge amount of statistical data around on business interruption and system outages; it’s estimated that £2 billion per year is a conservative view on loss of revenue by UK companies alone, due to unscheduled system downtime.  Millions of new ransomware and malicious virus attacks are trying to corrupt and destroy your data – ie, patient records and practice information.  From now until the end of 2017 it’s estimated that £160million will be lost by UK industry as a whole due to unforeseen system downtime.


But it’s not just loss of earnings for optometrists – corrupt data means the health of your patients could be compromised and you could be subject to clinical negligence claims too.


Make sure your practice is NOT one of those affected.  We have had several instances where customers have been subject to malicious attacks but thankfully, if we are backing up your data then we can help you get it back.


Don’t risk your business because we can help.  Please get in touch for a no obligation chat.