Protect Your Practice Data from Fire, Flood – or Blizzard!

Natural disasters are increasingly in the news these days, especially with the heavy snowfalls and subsequent floods the UK has been enduring over the past few months.

It’s distressing enough if your practice premises are damaged or destroyed – but if your patient records, accounts and other essential practice information goes with it then your livelihood really is at stake – because you’ve no information to fall back on even if you do get temporary premises or very speedy building repairs.

Our Replicate Retina data backup service has helped several opticians when disaster has struck by getting their data records back to them as soon as they have a new computer.  Although we back up your practice data over the internet each day, in the event of a real emergency, we can get your data back to you on a hard drive so you can restore everything at once.

Want to find out more about Replicate Retina?  Take a look at our Fast Facts.

Floods, power cuts, server crashes or fires – you might be surprised how often these happen.  Do make sure you protect your valuable practice information should disaster strike.