Relax with Replicate Retina but ….

…. please do tell us when you make changes to your practice systems.


When we initially set up your data backup, we obviously go through your imaging systems and data backup requirements with you to ensure we are capturing all your critical patient and practice information.


But obviously, over time, you buy new equipment, new software packages, etc – and if you don’t let us know, then the data from those new purchases will not be added to your backup sets.


We received an enquiry recently from a client who had lost data from an imaging system – but it was something they had purchased since their initial data set up and sadly, they hadn’t told us about it.  As soon as they spoke to us, they realised there was very little we could do to help them.


So please, as part of your checklist when buying new kit – do let us know so we can adjust your data backup sets.  It may also mean you no longer need certain pieces of kit backing up anyway so it’s often swings and roundabouts on data usage.


All done?  So relax ………