So What’s Different About Replicate Retina?

We don’t just provide you with a first class data backup software solution; we become your pro-active, GDPR compliant data protection partners.  It’s easy for a company to just install software on your systems and leave you to it; from the moment you make contact with us, we help you to assess how much critical data you need to protect, implement our optom friendly data backup solution and configure to your individual requirements, work schedule and opening hours.


Once installed, we always proactively monitor the health of your data backup routines and frequently alert you to any issues before you even know about them.


Most critically, should disaster strike, we are a phone call away from immediately implementing your restore routine and getting your data back so you can continue to work as normal on your priority issues – testing and treating your patients.


So it’s clearly our people that make the big difference.  We are extremely proud of our customer service and relations and work hard to deliver over and above what is normally expected.  We also have a 100% success rate in restoring optom data – so why not give us a try?  Call us or email us to find out more.