Technical Advances = Data Decisions

Since launching Replicate Retina we have witnessed real technical advances in the way eye conditions are detected, monitored and treated.   Our technical team needs to keep abreast of these new developments to ensure we can robustly backup data from systems that include visual field analysis, OCT and, more recently, the Ocular Surface Analyser system (Sistemi OSA).


These huge advances in patient care create a dilemma for optometrists – there’s an exponential increase in the amount of data stored on a modern optical practice computer(s) so the need to back this up in a GDPR / NHS governance compliant manner increases in urgency and complexity.


That’s where we can help.  We keep things simple – we work with you to cut through the complications and provide a sensible data backup strategy that suits your practice, no matter which eyecare technology systems you use.


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