"I have been an IT hungry optometrist for years, whether it be clinical records, imaging or straightforward business reporting but there has always been a nagging doubt about backup and, even if that is established, the restoration of data. Replicate Retina is an offsite, UK based, secure data backup and recovery service designed especially for optometrists. It's easy to use, totally reliable and run by enthusiasts you can trust. I use it and like it. Now, ask yourself, can you absolutely guarantee that your backup is 100% regular and 100% secure and, what's more, will 100% restore? If not, I have every confidence that Replicate Retina will see you sleeping at night for an awful lot less than you think; just how much is your data worth?"

Nick Rumney, BBR Optometry

"Digital imaging is a big part of our eyecare and we have built up a huge database of images of our patients. It would be a massive nightmare if I lost all the history of those images so I know that backup is essential. I called the Replicate Retina team in, they were very professional and very quick to answer any questions. I really think it's a cost effective way to outsource your backup - my time is better spent running the business. You know you've got to backup your data. So get Replicate Retina in, get it sorted and get your business running at its best."

Gavin Rebello, Patrick & Menzies

"I endeavour to provide my patients with a high class service and one of the key elements is the clinical history they build up with me at the practice. Increasingly this information is stored electronically so if this data is lost, the patient clinical history is lost. That means I would have no images to refer back to and a loss of clinical data for patient care needs. Replicate Retina gives me the confidence that this data is securely backed up and to a standard required to ensure it is encrypted to levels required for me to meet stringent NHS regulations."

Matt Jinkinson, Jinkinson Opticians

"There should always be backups kept off site - my own view is that the best off site backup is to use an online system via your internet connection. Replicate Retina is a system that some opticians alread use and they offer a very good 'fit and forget' solution. If you don't feel your IT knowledge is up to ensuring it will work, then this company offer a hand-holding help service to assist you."

Trevor Warburton, Chair of Stockport LOC

"The Replicate Retina team absolutely knew their stuff. They were able to demonstrate the off site data backup quickly and showed how easy it would be to recover any data we needed.

They talked to me in terms I could understand and were able to guide me on what we needed."

Christine Wrenn, A H Mertons Opticians

"Great firm - lovely people - very expert and they keep all my data safe. I have 6 giant servers in my basement - clacking away and heating the whole building - it's nice to know I'm backed up off site."

Nigel Burnett Hodd, Burnett Hodd Optometry

"Replicate Retina is great; it's very efficiet, good value and provides peace of mind. I really like the fact that I get an email notification each day telling me all our data has backed up."

Stuart Roberts, Specsavers Southport

"It takes a load off my mind having all our records backed up off site. The company provides a good service, is very helpful and Replicate Retina is well worth the cost."

Steve Mayer, Chairman West Pennine LOC

"Replicate Retina is very good and very easy to work with. Data backup is one of those things that you don't want to worry about, especially when you're running a busy store. It's no hassle and we're very pleased with the support we receive if we do have any questions."

Mark Roberts, Specsavers Formby

"I can certainly say we've found your systems are effortless to get started with - they've run every day without a blip and the entire process has been very smooth too. Also, Tracy, Chris and the team have always been easy to get hold of and very helpful when required."

Eleanor Leech, Black & Lizars

"Replicate Retina backs up my data off site, automatically, every day. Once the initial data has been transferred, it is very fast and straightforward because it only backs up files that have been added or changed. The customer service from the team is very friendly and expert; they are very speedy at responding when we have any questions.

Charles Wass, C H Wass & Son

"Having someone take the worry away from you is worth its weight in gold. The team do everything for you and it's a small price to pay to know you've got a secure backup system in place."

Frances Prescott, Specsavers Stockport

"Replicate Retina off site data backup is straightforward and simple to use - much easier and more cost effective than I thought it would be. Using Replicate Retina offsite data backup is an absolute no brainer. It ensures we comply with regulations and protects our patient records."

George Mumford, Boots Opticians

"I'm very happy with the whole data backup team; everyone has been very helpful."

Helen Mackrell, Schofield Optometric Services

"They're very tenacious - Replicate Retina backs up our store data and the team worked hard to get around issues with our current systems."

David Bistacchi, Specsavers Manchester Arndale

“Thank you VERY MUCH for the new Certificate of Compliance – I’m just in the process of having to update all my compliance information, so this will be very helpful.”

John Bowers, Muldoon & Tonge Opticians

"Replicate Retina now allows us peace of mind to cover any catastrophic event by automatically backing up data off site every night. We still maintain a belt and braces policy as we concurrently do tape backup but we are not reliant on individuals to ensure that the manual procedure is completed and the tape taken off the premises. Replicate Retina is a monthly subscription service so there's no capital expenditure involved and the team are friendly, approachable and proactive."

Nick Black, BBR Optometry

"In the last few years there has been an explosion in the amount of data we need to protect our practice, particularly in the form of retinal images. Ignorance could be costly if disaster unexpectedly strikes a hard drive. Replicate Retina is absolutely ideal. All this help is provided by a friendly company giving us a cost effective solution."

Susan Procter, Anderton Akbar & Procter

"Replicate Retina is a brilliant service - I'm really happy with it. The team were very pleasant and knowledgeable when they called in; the data backup installation was done and dusted on the same day and the costs are very reasonable. It's real peace of mind that allows me to sleep easy at night."

Andrea Kay, Kay Downs

"We recently tested the data restore process to see what we would have to go through if it was ever required. I have to say the process was very simple and, on inspection of the data that had been restored, it was clear that everything was there and intact. Very satisfied with the process."

Richard Cox, Web Developer - Burnett Hodd Optometry

"You've saved the day - thank you!"

Claire Pearce, Brignall Opticians

"We will certainly testify to your professionalism and dedication to your clients."

Laura Cameron, Cameron Optometry

"It's a small price to pay to be worry free!"

Sue George, Specsavers Accrington