Upgrading or changing your practice systems?

Upgrading or changing your practice systems?  If so, please do let us know.  When we initially set up your data backup, we work with you to identify which imaging systems and data you want to back up so we know we are capture all your important practice and patient information.  Every practice has different requirements so we work with you to gather all this information correctly.


Over time, your practice may make decisions about upgrading or changing your practice systems.  Perhaps you buy new software systems and equipment – or maybe your IT department or suppliers shift systems around between practices – we know you need to keep up with system improvements and it makes perfect business sense.  But if you/they don’t let us know that changes are being made then that new data won’t be backing up.


We are always happy to work with you to make these changes – it’s all part of our service.  In fact, we’d really rather help you when you first change things around than risk finding out when you’ve had a system crash ….. and we can’t restore your data because we weren’t backing it up in the first place ……  Sadly, this has happened on occasion.


Please remember that we can only restore the data that you’ve asked us to back up for you.  If you realise you’ve changed your systems recently and haven’t told us then please give us a call on 0161 366 8499 or email us.  We’d rather be safe than sorry!


As a reminder, take a look at our Technical information so you can see how we take our responsibilities seriously.