What Is It?

Data Backup for Optometrists & Opticians

Secure data storage and fast data retrieval are critical for optometrists and dispensing opticians.  Your data records are a business asset that must be protected.  In the event of disasters such as fire, flood, practice theft or negligence claim, you will need to access your practice data quickly.  Even simple human error means files can be accidentally overwritten or deleted.

Replicate Retina backs up and protects ALL practice data, no matter what systems your practice uses.

* Backup and protect patient fundus images eg Topcon, Eyecap, Opticabase, NAVIS Lite and Vector (NHS);

* Backup and protect OCT and OSA images;

* Back up and protect Henson visual field analysis;

* Backup and protect patient appointments, correspondence and sales history;

* Backup and protect vital accounts information such as Sage or QuickBooks;

* Backup and protect emails, documents, databases and spreadsheets.

Don't rely on your staff backing up data to tapes, hard drives, CDs or memory sticks - these systems are outdated and unreliable.

Replicate Retina backs up all your practice data offsite automatically every day.  That means that if the worst happens, you know your data is safely stored and can be easily retrieved.

Replicate Retina is a very cost effective UK-based offsite data backup solution that complies with GDPR legislation and offers UK-based support via email and telephone.  Our specialist team provides friendly, helpful and expert assistance so you can trust us to help you.

Replicate Retina - what is it? Data backup for optometrists and opticians.  Contact us to learn how we can protect your vital practice data.