What We Do

You don't need any technical knowledge .....

We do it all for you.  Our friendly and helpful team are here to assist you and hold your hand all the way:

* We help you assess how much data you need to protect;

* Choose to protect Eyecap, Topcon, NAVIS Lite, Eyescape, i-Clarity, OCT, Ocular Surface Analyser, Henson visual field analysis or Vector NHS imaging; patient records; sales history; accounts packages, emails & documents - in fact, anything and everything that is essential to the smooth running of your practice;

* We install the backup software for you - it usually takes less than an hour to install;

* We don't even need to visit to do this for you;

* Your data then automatically backs up every day at a time chosen by you;

* You receive an automatic daily email notification to reassure you that the backup is working;

* Our support team receives the same notifications so we contact you if any changes need to be made;

* We look after all of this for you so it's one less thing for you to think about.

Need to restore any images or documents?  It's really simple.  Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes and we can help you to do this.  We now store your data as standard for 28 days after you have deleted it (whether intentionally or accidentally) so you can retrieve it if you change your mind or realise a mistake has been made within this time period.

That's it - no need to remember to backup your critical patient information any longer.  Your data is safe with Replicate Retina and our team are experts in data backup because it's what we do day in, day out. 

So please contact us to find out how we can help your practice.