You Back Up Your Data – But Can You Restore?

You back up your practice data – which is essential business practice and necessary for clinical governance compliance – but have you ever actually tried to restore your data to check it works as it should do?


We have helped many clients retrieve their practice data when an emergency has occurred – computer failure, power fault, user error  and they have been delighted we’ve been able to help.


A few weeks ago, one of our clients asked us to work with them to demonstrate that the restore process worked because their insurers had asked that specific question.  Wise insurers as all data backup systems are not created equal!


We showed the client what to do and set the restore in process.  Of course, they needed to check themselves that the data was correct so they had total peace of mind that it had worked correctly.  Here is what Richard Cox from Burnett Hodd Optometry had to say afterwards:


“We recently tested the data restore process to see what we would have to go through if it was ever required.  I have to say the process was very simple and on inspection of the data that had been restored, it was clear that everything was there and intact.  Very satisfied with the process.”


So please do regularly complete a test restore to check your data.  If you need any assistance with this process, simply give us a call.

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